Fall Favorites Giveaway

To celebrate fall and my extreme gratitude for those who have helped spread the word about With No Reservations’ e-book sale, let’s do a giveaway!

One winner chosen in the Rafflecopter below will win a fall-themed bundle including:

  • Signed paperback for a friend
  • Bath & Body Works LEAVES Candle
  • Pumpkin Campfire mug generously provided by the super talented AstroBarn Design. (You’re going to want to follow her on Instagram pronto!)
  • Cozy fall blanket scarf generously provided by my favorite clothing boutique, Sashy Pants (Visit their website or find them on Facebook or Instagram to see their cute offerings!)

Ways to spread the word:

  • [bctt tweet=”The fall foodie romance With No Reservations by @LaurieTomlinson is on sale for $1.99! bit.ly/wnrsale/ #bibliophile #whattoread” username=”LaurieTomlinson”]
  • Copy and share: The fall foodie romance With No Reservations by @LaurieTomlinson is on #eBook sale for $1.99! bit.ly/wnrsale/
  • Copy the image above and paste on social media
  • Take a photo of your paperback or e-book and share about the sale
  • Tell how you shared in the Rafflecopter widget below

I can’t thank you all enough! Here’s how to enter:

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a thank you giveaway

We are well into June now, but I’m still smiling from a whirlwind release month. Thank you so much to everyone who has stepped into Cooper and Sloane’s world and helped spread the word about their story — AND Nick and Chelsea’s, for that matter!

I wish I could bake everyone Sloane’s toffee chocolate chip cookies for their love and support, but I do have a few things to give away.

In honor of Sloane’s spreadsheet-loving ways and the fact that Chelsea from That’s When I Knew runs a planner business, our grand prize is a set of undated, six-month Cultivate What Matters Powersheets, a signed paperback of With No Reservations, and an electronic copy of the Love at First Laugh novella collection featuring That’s When I Knew. You can keep it for yourself or pay it forward to a friend.

If you’ve followed me on social media for any length of time, you know how much I love my Powersheets. They’re not a planner but a set of worksheets that help you identify your goals at the beginning, sort through what’s working and not working for you in your efforts, and include a section for each month to prioritize and create action steps so you can make progress. I have used them to motivate myself to go to the gym more, reach writing goals, form new habits, and be more intentional about my YESes and NOs.

They promote progress not perfection, designed to be messy and meaningful. Right now, they’re sold out until next year, but I snagged a teal set because I’d love to help one of my friends reach his/her goals in the second half of 2017. Three other winners will get copies of my sisters’ novels, Then There Was You by Kara Isaac, the Of Rags and Riches historical romance collection featuring my sisters Anne Love and Jaime Jo Wright, and Sarah Varland’s latest romantic suspense, Perilous Homecoming.

(ETA: Giveaway closed and winners have been notified!)

To enter, comment telling us what dream or habit you would use the Powersheets for. (Or if you just want some books!)

For additional entries, you can leave separate comments telling me if you have:

Thank you so much, y’all! I’m convinced I have the best friends and readers <3 While I can’t bake cookies for everyone, you can find Sloane’s cookie recipe and more by downloading this free PDF! Bon appetit!

With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway!

My debut novel, With No Reservations,
releases NEXT MONTH!

It’s a clean contemporary romance I originally wrote three years ago that features a reclusive food blogger and a high-profile chef whose pasts hold them hostage in the present, a restaurant opening, a dash of OCD, a Ferris wheel, a farmers market, an unlikely romance, and a lot of food. For character profiles, the story behind the story, and more bonuses, click here! You can pre-order by clicking the button below, but seriously. Don’t read on an empty stomach 🙂

Get Your Copy Here

Enter the With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway!

With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway

To celebrate and spread the word, I’ve giving away a Kindle Fire, signed paperback, and my favorite Daily Grace Co Daily Notepad! Enter here:


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{giveaway} Can’t Help FALLing celebration

There are so many fall reads I can’t wait to get my hands on! I will share those after I turn my own book in, but I wanted to share the love about one I’ve ALREADY read:

It’s no secret how much I loved Kara Isaac’s debut novel, Close to You, but the follow-up story coming October 11 is special and enchanting in its own way. Goodness, I loved Can’t Help Falling so much with its mixture of characters dealing with hard pasts, sizzling romantic chemistry, Kara’s signature humor, redemption, and of course, all the nods to Narnia.


Ahem, it was also a 4.5-star TOP PICK by RT Book Reviews, which is a HUGE deal in the book world. So I promise I’m not just biased as her critique partner 🙂


To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Kara Isaac’s first book, Close to You, in which a disgraced scholar running from her past and an entrepreneur chasing his future find themselves thrown together—and fall in love—on a Tolkien tour of New Zealand. I’ll also throw in a $15 Amazon gift card you can use for all of your anticipated fall reads. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below before October 1.

Good luck, and seriously, if you haven’t discovered Kara Isaac, be sure to add these books to brighten up your fall and winter reading list! 

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{book review} Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Y’all, I’m enchanted.


I finally read Like Never Before, the second book in the Walker Family series by Melissa Tagg, and am now a good way into the first book in the series on my Kindle because 1) I’m invested in this fictional family and 2) reading out of order is how I roll sometimes. {I accidentally read the Ashley Stockingdale series by Kristin Billerbeck — one of my all-time favorites — out of order on my honeymoon.}

After seeing the author post about this book on her social media, my curiosity marched my booty all the way to Barnes & Noble, where I proceeded to impulse-buy it. Friends, it did not disappoint.

What you need to know:

  • The story features a political speechwriter/widower dad hero + a quirky, charming reporter heroine. Excellent chemistry there.
  • A small-town newspaper that’s “hemorrhaging money” is what brings them together: He’s the new owner who inherited the dying paper (and the seemingly obvious interested buyer) and she’s the editor who is desperate to save it for the small town that’s welcomed her into their arms.
  • You know I’m a sucker for this, but the hero and heroine both have a lot of baggage in their past to work through to get to each other. The spiritual arc is very strong and important!
  • It’s an inspirational contemporary romance, but there’s an angle for history buffs, too!
  • The fictional town – Maple Valley, Iowa – is super charming in a Stars Hollow kind of way.
  • You will want to become an honorary member of the Walker Family.
  • Melissa Tagg not only has a gift for writing descriptions, but her prose sparkles with clever turns of phrase.

I can’t wait to see what else happens with the rest of the Walker clan and am eagerly awaiting the next in this series, starring a couple I’ve taken the liberty of amalgamating BecKit!

If your interest in Like Never Before is piqued, I’m giving away a copy here.

Have you read anything good lately?

hello from the editing cave + a giveaway

I have nothing new to report this week except that I turned in three work projects and have decided to scrap everything I’ve written on my novella and write it in third person. It’s just the right thing to do. But that will have to wait for a later time.

Related: If you need me, I’ll be in my editing cave until August 15. 


In other news, my Alley post this week was an oldie but goodie about how to pitch your work without being pushy, and if you haven’t participated in our pre-conference blog link-up, we’d love to have you!

Okay. On to the real reason you’re here 🙂

Add subheading

Since I will be a little scarce around here, I’m going to do some giveaways to share the love, starting with a copy of Melissa Tagg’s awesome novel, Like Never Before, and this sunset watercolor daily notepad from Kristin Schmucker, which is my favorite thing since chocolate buttercream.

Newsletter subscribers will have an automatic entry, but you can also take pity on your cold, lonely friend and throw me a cherry creme truffle, iced chai, or other surprise in my editing cave by commenting on this post! Best of luck to you!

Little tip: there will be more giveaways happening on my author Facebook page, so make sure you keep an eye out there! And so the FTC doesn’t come find me in my editing cave, all prizes are sponsored solely by moi! 

when your sister publishes a book {giveaway}

Book Recommendations (1)

I’m forgoing the Friday Mixing Bowl today because it’s my writing sister Kara’s birthday, and you know I’m big on the celebrations around here! My sisters have given me a lot to celebrate lately. You saw the craziness that ensued when Jaime released her book.

From the vantage point of proud sister, you see the beginning of the project, the first ideas poking through the soil (whether they’re developed or rejected). You watch how hard your sister works on the manuscript, brainstorm scenes, offer feedback, and cheer as she braves pressing send.

Then she gets THE CALL (or the email), and you almost fall out of your chair sitting in an Italian restaurant on vacation with your family. She works hard, rewrites, and gives valuable intel on the publishing world.

Before you know it, launch day has arrived, and she sends her baby out into the big world again. It’s like watching a niece you’ve known her whole life graduate from high school and join society.

Seeing a physical copy of her book for the first time is surreal (after you may or may not have waited by the mailbox in the pouring rain).

Exhibit A:

If you happen to see not one, but TWO sisters’ books in the wild at once, your brain kind of explodes with the feels. You have permission to do a little rearranging so their covers face out. Dee Henderson will be okay.


I couldn’t be prouder of Kara, even though she’s ruined me for romantic comedy forever because hers is so good.

To celebrate Day 1 of her birthday (one of the perks of our long distance sisterhood is having two birthdays because of the time zones), I’m going to give away a copy of her book to one lucky US resident who comments on this post!

Be sure to tell Kara happy birthday, and if you want to get yourself a present in her honor, go ahead and buy her book here 😉

{summer favs giveaway}

{edited} The winner is Stephanie J! I also drew a surprise second prize winner, Rachel Brown Dodson. 

I can’t thank everyone who entered enough for showing support to this author and me! I love love love doing giveaways, so keep checking back 🙂 

Can you believe it’s almost the end of July? Me neither. But to celebrate, I’m hosting a giveaway!


Enter below to win a prize bundle that includes:

I’ve been posting regularly on The Writer’s Alley, but I’m excited to get this website up and running again! You can check out the Rafflecopter to see how you can win, share the love about one of my favorite authors, and support my journey as an author at the same time.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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{giveaway} end of October favorites

It’s almost time for my favorite month to come to a close, so I’m ending it with style.

What would you think about a GIVEAWAY? 

Good. I’m glad we can agree.

There are two things that inspired this: 1) Because I just love this social media community and always feel the more the merrier! And 2) because this week is the arrival of something I have long been anticipating, the release of Lizzy & Jane, the follow-up to Katherine Reay’s first book, Dear Mr. Knightley.


Just in case you haven’t heard of Katherine Reay, let me fill you in. Her first book recently won TWO Carol Awards in the same night to add to its proverbial mantle of acclaim. It’s intelligent, raw, compelling, and—get this—written in epistolary form! I love that format. So different, especially in the inspirational romance market. Plus, in case you couldn’t tell by the titles, there are plenty of nods to Jane Austen in these books 🙂

If you haven’t read Dear Mr. Knightley, rest assured. I’m giving away:

  • A good old-fashioned paperback copy of Dear Mr. Knightley
  • UPDATE: The super sweet Katherine Reay has added a copy of Lizzy & Jane to the loot! Woo hoo!
  • A $25 giftcard to Barnes & Noble or Amazon
  • An assortment of my favorite things that will probably be decided based on who wins, but will likely include a copy of the CD I’ve been listening to nonstop plus the impulsive favorites that land in my Target cart

There are plenty of ways you can win in the Rafflecopter below, a variety of ways you can help me out a lot on my journey to publication! For example, I recently created an email list to be used only for the most special of announcements. (If the direct link doesn’t work in the Rafflecopter, click here to sign up!) Apparently those are pretty important to have 🙂

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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