what I learned this autumn

Joining the lovely Emily P. Freeman’s writing round-up to share what I learned this fall! Let’s begin…

I learned so much from this amazing book by Rebekah Lyons. Rhythms of Renewal focuses on 4 overarching rhythms (Rest, Restore, Connect, and Create) to calm, whole, healthy lives. I listened to this book as I read it, underlined SO MUCH of it, and wish I could give a copy to every woman I know.

Image credit: Shannon Tripp (IG: @shan.tripp)

Fortunately NOT the hard way, I learned how to save a choking kid, thanks to Shan Tripp’s helpful video. This pediatric ER nurse and joyful mama is Instagram GOLD and often shares info like how to save a choking kid, what to do with fevers, and more.

As of this fall, Shake Shack is my new second favorite chain burger after Whataburger (FIGHT ME.) I had it in Nashville with my lovely writing sister Kara but am currently petitioning everyone who will listen to bring one to Oklahoma!

Speaking of Nashville, the trip last month was such a life-giving experience. I got to see my writing sisters, have some much-needed downtime in the coziest Air B&B, and attend a conference that both revived and nurtured my authorly heart. Kara and I arrived a few days before our other writing sisters, explored Nashville, got lost in their amazing book-nerd wonderland Parnassus Books, and I introduced her to Trader Joe’s! But my favorite moments were in our cozy Air B&B, reading pages fresh from each other’s fingertips, sipping tea and Pho from the noodle place down the street, and talking about life. There is healing magic in sitting in the same room once a year or so, ripping apart each other’s stories, and putting them back together again with the help of New Zealand chocolate and cheesy Netflix rom-coms, especially when that year has been a hard one!

When your kids reach their Star Wars phase, all the sleepless nights will be worth it! I’ve waited 4 and 8 years to see if the geek will be strong in them, and thank goodness IS IT EVER! We are watching The Mandalorian as a family, and the other week, I woke to my son holding my Star Wars encyclopedia next to my bed. He’d been waiting patiently for who knows how long for me to wake up, and the minute I opened my eyes, he launched into a million questions and theories. He also read his first words C-3PO and R2-D2 from that book haha!! Those totally count as words!

There’s a new lip pencil in my makeup bag, and I’m in love! If you’re looking for a new one, try the Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon! It comes in so many pretty colors. #notabeautyblogger

I’m sure there are more things, but for now, I’m more interested in finding out what YOU have learned lately. So share the wealth in the comments!

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