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Favorite guest posts:

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What It Takes to Be a Legitimate Author (The Writer’s Alley)
Why Happily Ever After Is Messier Than We Think (Coffee Cups & Camisoles)
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Tips on Entering Writing Contests (Ritty’s Adventures in Writing) : What to do before entering
How Case Studies Can Make You a Better Writer (The Writer’s Alley)
In a Dusty Corner, Out of Sight ( : My writing testimony
How to Be a Good Guest (The Writer’s Alley) : Tips for guest appearances
Tips for Revisiting a Shelved Manuscript (The Writer’s Alley) : Resuming a project after an absence
Creating Conflict in Romance (The Writer’s Alley) : Page turning tension in romance writing
Let’s Talk Heroes ( : My favorite heroes in inspirational romance
When Your To-Do List Feels Like an Endless Chase (The Writer’s Alley) : On time management
Public Displays of Affection in Romance ( : Enough said. 🙂
The Beauty of a Fresh, Blank Page (The Writer’s Alley) : Thoughts on starting a new story
A Pantser’s Plotting Plan (The Writer’s Alley) : How this extreme pantser plans to plot her next book

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