About Laurie

The official bio:

Laurie Tomlinson is a wife and mom from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who enjoys stories of grace in the beautiful mess. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and regular contributor to TheWritersAlleyBlog.com. Her work is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary, has won two Genesis Awards, and was runner-up in the 2015 RWA Lone Star Contest.

The basics:

Inspirational romance author, wife to a soccer playing engineer, mom to a blondie preschooler and chubby one-year-old, planner nerd, avid reader and writer, foodie, colored pen hoarder, SisterChuck, reformed know-it-all, singer, half marathoner, and sinner saved by a grace I’ll never fully comprehend.

I love Longhorns football, Texas Rangers baseball, Madea movies, binge watching House MD on Netflix, and having a full and messy table. You can find me in a ponytail 99% of the time.

What you’ll find here:

  • Table Talk: Inviting my favorite friends to share how far they’ve come, what going after their dreams looks like, and anything else that’s inspired me so hopefully it can inspire you! Sometimes this will just be important things I’ve learned from other people.
  • Intentional Living: This encompasses all things time management (planners and lists!), accomplishing goals, making dreams happen no matter what, and living the rich and loving life God intended for us.
  • Book Reviews: Only the books I absolutely love! I mostly read clean contemporary romance, YA, and some sci-fi/fantasy here and there.
  • The Friday Mixing Bowl: Weekly updates, treasures from around the web, and other lately discoveries.

For more:

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