truth bombs for the hesitant difference-maker

As followers of Christ, our number one calling, job, and purpose on earth is to make his name known. That’s the common denominator further specialized by the gifts and talents and desires the Father has placed in our hearts.

If we’re writers, we write to spread the truth. If we’re speakers, we preach it. If we’re teachers or parents, we shepherd little ones. If we’re natural-born leaders, we rally people.

And when we’re obedient to this calling, we’re vulnerable. There’s nothing that makes the enemy squirm more than to see someone using their gifts to light up the darkness in the world. One of his favorite ways to trick us is by whispering lies into our ears. 

You’re not enough.
You’re not important.
You don’t have what it takes.
It’s not the right time.
Nobody’s listening.

Today, I want to speak truth into your heart so you can remember it the next time you delete a post, close the speaking engagement or job application, archive the book proposal, or skip an opportunity with the belief that the right time will be later. 

You, brothers and sisters, already have what it takes, through the power of the Spirit in you, to do this good work. You are qualified. You are able to be used right where you are, right now, with what you have in your hands. And if you feel like you’re still en route to your big dreams and destination, you’d better believe you can make plenty of difference along the journey. 

If you have a posture of obedience to make his name known and the truth you’re speaking aligns with the Gospel, then he will open the doors, make the connections, and direct your words to the lives who are meant to receive them.

Whether it’s the five people on your newsletter list, the 5000 in the crowd you’re speaking to, the one woman you see at the grocery store after work several times a week, or the children your hands tuck into bed, your work and your words matter to the Lord. Whether you are the one on the stage or the one making sure her microphone works or building her up before her book releases, your purpose is important. 

When more brave souls wake up and see through the lies and decide to do the work, even scared, that’s when the enemy’s agenda is thwarted and every small yes makes a huge ripple through this world.

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