With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway!

My debut novel, With No Reservations,
releases NEXT MONTH!

It’s a clean contemporary romance I originally wrote three years ago that features a reclusive food blogger and a high-profile chef whose pasts hold them hostage in the present, a restaurant opening, a dash of OCD, a Ferris wheel, a farmers market, an unlikely romance, and a lot of food. For character profiles, the story behind the story, and more bonuses, click here! You can pre-order by clicking the button below, but seriously. Don’t read on an empty stomach 🙂

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Enter the With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway!

With No Reservations Kindle Fire Giveaway

To celebrate and spread the word, I’ve giving away a Kindle Fire, signed paperback, and my favorite Daily Grace Co Daily Notepad! Enter here:


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  1. […] With No Reservations kindle fire giveaway ends May 8 […]

  2. Kay Garrett April 30, 2017

    Entered every where but instagram. I’m not on it. 🙂
    THANKS for this amazing chance!

  3. Paula April 30, 2017

    Looks very good! Would love to win!

  4. […] With No Reservations kindle fire giveaway ends May 8 […]

  5. Julia P May 9, 2017

    Food & Romance! Sounds like a Hallmark – very Tasty. Best of luck with your Book Launch!! Looking forward to reading it


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