The Jesus Party

On my run yesterday, I was listening to Annie F. Downs’ podcast, That Sounds Fun, with her guest Bianca Juarez Olthoff. These two brilliant and exuberant authors and speakers brought up a point in their attempt to retire certain Christianese phrases–phrases like quiet time, which I’ve always taken to mean this still, reverent place to read the Bible, pray, and meet with Jesus.

While quiet and stillness are wonderful things, that episode was an excellent reminder for people who aren’t naturally quiet or prone to longer bouts of undivided attention. Annie and Bianca (I can call them by first name because they’re my pretend-BFFs now) renamed the practice Jesus Party, and this loud singer couldn’t agree more!

It’s necessary for every soul to find time for quietness and stillness, but I believe the Holy Spirit is with us in every moment and can speak to us just as powerfully while belting a Bethel Worship album in our cars or processing in a journal or watching a beautiful sunset over the river or via constant dialogue and acknowledgement throughout the day for those of us who tend to sleep through our alarms.

I’m under the weather and sent my family to church without me this morning. This is what my not-so-quiet Jesus Party looks like right now:

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-1

My Star Wars jammies, get-better tea, and I couldn’t be more full. Selah.

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  • I looooooooove Christy Nockles’ podcast too. It’s probably my favorite of all time. She has such a gentle spirit.

    Also? I just read that chapter of Present Over Perfect last night. Clearly we are living parallel lives. Haha. <3

    • That’s awesome! Pretty sure we are the same person.

      Also, I not-so-secretly am DYING to read your books. Not even kidding!