I found a #littlefreelibrary in the wild!

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Please tell me you’ve heard of Little Free Library (#littlefreelibrary), boxes filled with bookish goodness that you read and return on the honor system? I had forgotten about them until I saw one out in the wild!

I think I assumed they were only in bigger cities (I changed that from cooler cities because I LOVE mine), but lo and behold, there are apparently 40,000 around the world and several in Tulsa.


This is what I chose, Love Does by Bob Goff, a book from a sensational man that I didn’t get the chance to finish because I gave my copy to my sister-in-law. I have shared 2339230 of his articles on my Facebook author page and can’t wait to dive in!

With this fun turn of events, I am going to read it and return it to the Little Free Library where I found it with a few additions from my personal library to introduce fellow Tulsa book nerds to some of my favorite authors! My children and I now have a new end-of-summer mission to visit as many as we can.

Check out this map of Little Free Libraries. Are there any near you?

If you see one in the wild, please tag me or hashtag #LFLinthewild so I can geek out with you! 

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  • Please please please take me when I come back in town! I so love free little libraries and I’ve never even seen one!! My brother’s girlfriend found a YA one in DC and another one that she snagged a book for Elsie from 🙂 I love these things! So cool!