my august #TBR pile


I have a confession.

This, the latest offering in the Harry Potter fandom, was supposed to be first on my August TBR (To-Be-Read) list. But when it released to my Kindle at 11pm on July 30, I started reading it until I fell asleep. Then, when my son woke up crying in the middle of the night, I kept reading.

And kept reading.

Until it was finished at  7:24 am. I have never been very good about living in a world where there’s a new Harry Potter story and I don’t know what happens.


I am on such a huge reading kick, my biggest year since I became a mother by far. My year total is up to 17 books, and I think I read 8 in 2015! Here’s what’s on deck for this month:

Here’s what’s on deck for this month:

  • Savor by Shauna Niequist: This author and speaker is close to my heart and even has recipes mixed in with this daily devotional. She gets it that powerful things happen around the table! So while I won’t finish this month, I hope to integrate short bits into my routine for some daily heart nourishment.
  • The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischoff: So I don’t read very much historical fiction, but I pre-ordered it on the recommendation of several trusted friends. And wow. I’m about 30% into this circus setting, and it’s gorgeous. Poetry on a page. I can’t wait until the gym and bedtime so I can keep reading! PS: Isn’t it super meta that I’m reading it on a Kindle Paperwhite I won from her?
  • When We Collided by Emery Lord: She is a favorite general market YA author who doesn’t pull punches. I think this quicker read will be an excellent way to help say goodbye to the summer.
  • Story Trumps Structure by Steven James: I’m not sure if I’ll be able to give this craft book the attention it deserves with everything going on this month, but I’d love to study a few of the chapters before I write my novella!
  • Love Does by Bob Goff: I picked this one up from my Little Free Library adventure and can’t wait to dive in again after giving my copy to my sister-in-law before I finished a few years ago.

This may be an ambitious undertaking with a busy month of editing and work ahead, but I’m looking forward to alternating between this great mix of titles!

What’s on your Kindle or bedside table this month?

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  • I love Story Trumps Structure, but you knew that. 🙂 I just finished The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate and now I’m onto The Story Keeper… I also need to finish Brandy Vallance’s Within the Veil for the second time so I can write a review. It’s a wonderful book, but my memory for details stinks these days… I can’t write an educated review when I only remember I loved it and it made me cry. 🙂