autumn #selah


one magical autumn morning.


one messy-haired man cub.


one meandering trail.



{workspace wednesday} if I light a candle…

Will it inject a little peace into a lot of busy? You bet!


This is a pretty good representation of life right now.

Work-scattered  //
littered with lots of empty tea mugs //
entertainment awaiting //
shoes worn with many miles //
“tokens of my children’s affection” everywhere.

But warm.

If you light a candle — literally or figuratively — it will always be warm.

{friday mixing bowl} the most wonderful time of the year


Happy weekend, you guys! It’s been a minute since I did one of these, so I have lots of goodies to share. I’m in a fantastic mood because I had a wonderful date with my son yesterday, fall is coming, and my book due out in May officially has a title. Yay! It feels like a real book! I love it and can’t wait to share it soon. Here’s what else has been going on around here:


The 2016 ACFW was a whirlwind! I’m still processing it but plan to post a recap of what I learned soon. The most important thing you need to know: I got to spend time with my sisters, including celebrating Jaime’s 40th birthday with literally the best meal of our lives. I loved seeing them and getting the chance to pitch my books, connect and reconnect with my writerly people, and learn lots!


I made Boyfriend Bait Cookies from the I Heart Naptime cookbook. Picture a chocolate chip cookie loaded with M&Ms, ground oats and blitzed milk chocolate. So delicious! You must make them for the people you love immediately!


Two things happened this past Saturday. First, we were awakened by a pretty sizeable earthquake here in Oklahoma, which was memorialized by the National Weather Service accordingly. Oh, Mylanta…


Here are my kids comforting each other right after it happened. It was the strongest and longest one I’ve ever felt!

Second, college football made a dramatic return! The most wonderful time of the year! My team celebrated by going into double overtime, winning on this play. I literally have. no. chill. about college football!


I am, on the other hand, trying to add a little chill to my morning routine. Prepping the necessary things the night before and getting in the right mindset to start the day before the kids wake up is a huge game-changer! In an ideal world, I could get work and some exercise in without having to scramble to school on time, but baby steps!


My planning woes seem to be solved. I have found a bullet journaling system that I absolutely adore. It helps me track cleaning, selah, and workouts in a way that works and is much less…disheartening for an unpredictable schedule than other layouts. Thanks to my new bullet journal crush, The Bullet Journal Addict! I have been geeking out over her gorgeous layouts!

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source :: The Recipe Critic

source :: The Recipe Critic

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What’s on deck for you this weekend? I will break from the editing cave to go on a belated birthday date with my husband tonight and watch some college football this weekend.

Do you follow college football, or are you more of a books and Netflix kind of person? I think I’m both 🙂

june update + july goals

Table talk (1)

Now that’s July is halfway finished (WHAT?), here’s how I did on my June goals:

  • Read/outline the craft book Story Trumps Structure by Steven James. Does it count that I started it? Barely.
  • Study a few comp titles for my new project. Yes.
  • Develop a tentative outline for the new project. Done!
  • Complete any final edits on Book 3 + proposal. Done!
  • Journal/art journal 2-3 times a week. Nope.
  • Sweat at least once a day. (And hydrate accordingly.) I actually did a lot better on this than I thought I would! I completed the Betty Rocker 30-Day Challenge, often working out twice a day, and only missed five days of sweat 🙂 I think I’ll count it though, since it’s 100 degrees here and impossible not to sweat!
  • Revamp Sunday night meal planning and prep process. It happened one week. Moving that goal to this month.
  • Declutter my closet, armoire, and kitchen. I decluttered my closet, and it feels amazing!
  • Create a loose content calendar based on topics for the blog. Yes.
  • Make a landing page for services I offer bloggers and podcasters. I started it, but it’s still in draft mode.
  • Possibly a promo for bloggers/podcasters? I did a conference promo instead! This one will have to wait until after edits are sent in.
  • Take regular walk breaks during long stretches of work. Oh goodness. Moving that to this month!
  • Redesign my invoice template. Yes!

Not too shabby, especially since my plans for a quiet summer were foiled by a new book contract. (Seriously. All the praise hands for this divine interruption!) Here’s what I’d like to accomplish for the rest of July:

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish for the rest of July:

Writing Goals:

  • Work through the craft book Story Trumps Structure by Steven James.
  • Complete 75% of edits for my debut novel due 8/15.
  • Write 5-10K on my novella.

Personal Goals:

  • Create morning and evening routines (including #morningmiles!)
  • Revamp Sunday night meal planning and prep process.
  • Weed out my armoire + organize groups of my cleaning supplies into transportable caddies.
  • Institute a regular cleaning schedule (and stick to it).
  • Celebrate the selah.
  • Guard what comes out of my mouth.

Work Goals:

  • Finish landing page for services I offer bloggers and podcasters
  • Take regular walk breaks during long stretches of work
  • Invite some amazing people I have in mind to join this blog for Table Talk and refine that format 🙂

That’s it — for starters. There are still ~3 weeks to accomplish a LOT!

What are you working toward this month?


soaking in the selah

This word appears at the end of some of the Psalms, and supposedly, no one is really sure what it means. I love it and have adopted it to mean:

No matter what we believe, who we vote for, or what we look like, we can never let those who are different from us forget how loved and valuable and important they are. (1)

Rest. Praise God and rest. 

I was looking at my Instagram account the other week and noticed it’s a little bit of foodie pictures, a lot of my children, and a WHOLE lot of hustle. But lately, the conversation has changed. What if we celebrated rest, our selah, as much as we glorify the hustle? 

So I have been trying to make space for intentional rest. This weekend, I had the chance to spend time at Dam House South, a sprawling haven on Lake Fort Gibson owned by dear lifelong friends. A friend and I went to press pause, get some work done, and hear ourselves think without the usual background noises. We finished chapters, read whole books, and enjoyed conversation with some of the most generous, relaxing souls in the world.

We got our selah.




All the praise hands for a marriage in which this works. For a mutual understanding that we return better spouses, parents, and worker bees when we have time for ourselves and our people. We understand that it’s not always practical to press pause on life, but that it’s important to do it as regularly as possible.

No, it’s not always practical to press pause on life for a weekend. But it’s my goal to make space for even fifteen minutes of selah among the hustle:

A glass of wine and a magazine // an episode of Suits with my husband // a scented candle while I work // an inspiring podcast with a pile of vegetables to chop at my leisure // a quiet corner of the house for one curled-up chapter // a minute to close my eyes and listen to a song in the driveway with a sleeping baby in the backseat.

I’m a firm believer that soaking in the selah makes our hustle stronger and our hurry less draining. 

What does selah look like in your life?