welcome to my table: a manifesto


{Not my table. Too clean to be my table.}

If I could compare my dreams for this space to one thing, it would be a huge farm table surrounded by people I love with all kinds of backgrounds and stories. That’s the most beautiful place to be.

There would be food involved, of course. Probably a huge bowl of pasta since that’s what I feed my unsuspecting friends to create that magical, carb-induced conglomeration of happiness and comfort that makes the stories spill out.

The table image has been done a lot lately, I know. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few months, it’s that the most important part of that is listening. I don’t want to sit at a table set solely by my own hands, nor do I want this website to be the info-heavy drivel of a content machine.

I want my friends to feast on the salad she brought, drink what they picked up on the way, and break the bread he graciously provided from his perfected sourdough starter. The feast is so much richer — and, I think, such a more accurate picture of Jesus that way.

I want that for this space, too.

To be honest, I’ve been wrestling lately with how to do this right. I’ve been consuming all the podcasts and articles on brand, unsuccessfully pinpointing my ideal audience, and trying to reconcile all the strategies for building a fiction readership with the stories my fingers are itching to write. I’m trying to develop some sense of cohesion for this space when I’m balancing my small business, motherhood, my journey to novel publication, and what all of those things teach me against the backdrop of my faith.

I’m learning that I can’t write about everything — or at least not publicly.

That I need to listen and learn as much as I speak and teach. 

So much of the expert advice out there conflicts with itself and only leads to overthinking.

And taking care of the loves that I have is way more important than building a platform. That’s the only thing that’s worth anything.

So for the sake of some cohesiveness and takeaway, my writing/craft-related posts will now mostly be found on The Writer’s Alley, and for this season of life, here you’ll find:

  • Table Talk: Inviting my favorite friends to share how far they’ve come, what going after their dreams looks like, and anything else that’s inspired me so hopefully it can inspire you! Sometimes this will just be important things I’ve learned from other people.
  • Intentional Living: This encompasses all things time management (planners and lists!), accomplishing goals, making dreams happen no matter what, and living the rich and loving life God intended for us.
  • Book Reviews: Only the books I absolutely love! I mostly read clean contemporary romance, YA, and some sci-fi/fantasy here and there.
  • The Friday Mixing Bowl: Weekly updates, treasures from around the web, and other lately discoveries.

If you look at my website, the tagline is Stories of Grace in the Beautiful Mess. That’s the image I want my writing to evoke. If we go by the table metaphor, it means empty plates on the table of full and nourished people, stray noodles under the high chair because everyone is welcome, and proverbial crumbs of hope, that if God can work in this unlikely situation and orchestrate dreams in the most unexpected ways, He can do the same for you.

Pull up a chair, where the drinks are always fizzy and the cupcakes always have extra sprinkles 🙂

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