the genesis, taking ownership, and other updates

Since so much has changed since my last blog post, I think it’s high time for an update. Here’s what’s been going on since then.

Genesis update

When we last spoke, I had just taken a huge leap by entering the ACFW Genesis Competition. Shortly after, I found out I had made the semifinal round, and today, they announced my name on the final list, top three in each category. I’m thrilled and so honored to be among such talented semifinalists and finalists. Everyone has so much to be proud of!

The future of this website

Perhaps the reason I haven’t posted recently is because I’ve lacked a clear direction for this website. But that’s all changed, and now I hope to be on more of a regular schedule in the future.

Let me explain. I recently lost my full-time job, which has turned out to be a huge blessing that can only be attributed to God’s wonderful and mysterious ways. So while I’m working on building my freelance writing, editing, and publicity career (click here if you want to learn more about that), the blog aspect of this website will be primarily focused on my journey as an author.

I know. Fan me. I said author.

But between the timing of losing my job and making it further than I ever thought possible in the Genesis competition, I’m ready to silence all of those voices that tell me writing novels will forever just be a hobby and childhood dream for me.

The industry is too competitive.
I don’t have the time or talent it takes to make it.
The book industry is on its way out.

I’m ready to go beyond the ole college try and take ownership of the passion and message God has given me. In the last few weeks, my specialty/niche has become clearer to me: contemporary fiction based on real life and real redemption. I’ll be posting more about what this looks like and my journey as I navigate these new and very exciting waters.

So, what’s next?

While I took a break from my first manuscript during the Genesis judging and began work on a second manuscript in a very different style than I’m used to — which was an adventure in and of itself — I’m excited to get back to work on my first manuscript and to be reunited with my lovely characters I’ve missed so much! (“We were on a break!”)

We are slated to receive our judges’ scores and comments from both rounds today, so I’ll be refining my submission for the last round of judges, clicking send, and then awaiting the final results at the ACFW conference in September. In the meantime, I will be working my hardest to prepare for conference and praying God’s will over all of this.

Because without Him and His glory, what else is there really?

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  • My goodness, Laurie, our writing sounds similar. Can’t wait to hear the details! Love real-life fiction with all its grit and pain.

    • Yes, that’s my thing! Most of the time, I see something people not commonly but all too often go through that causes pain. I want to illustrate that God’s love is unconditional and everyone is eligible and deserving of a second chance. Most don’t believe that about themselves!

      • Okay, we’re kindred writing spirits! I love showing how God can take relationships messed up beyond human repair, and fix them–if we obey him. Too cool, Laurie!

        • Happy to be “teammates” with you on this journey!

          (Oh, geez! I almost ended that sentence with a quotation. Must. stop. treating comments like dialogue!)