life lessons from a physiology exam

originally published on The Writer’s Alley: 3/28/19

Yes, that is a molecule. Yes, you’re in the right place. But hang with me, y’all, because I’m about to go where no writing blog has ever gone before. I have a huge exam on Saturday, and won’t the Lord speak to me while I’m studying?

This cutie is a hemoglobin molecule with a quaternary protein structure. It may look like a hot mess, but it’s one of the most important molecules in the body. 

And it’s exactly the shape it needs to be to perform the important functions God created it to do.

I think so many of us buy into the lie that God is waiting to use us until we’re in a better, more stable place—until we get our life together. 
The other day he gave me the image of a hand and a new generation using what’s in their hands, right now, to change the world. Starting with their little corner.

Hands letting go of the distorted misconception that they have nothing to offer the Kingdom. We don’t have to wait until the floors are clean, our platform has doubled, our book gets published, we finish school, or get that promotion. Even the messiest of stories reveal the Father in the light that shines through the cracks and the grace that glues the whole thing together. 

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