{friday mixing bowl} the jewels of the summer

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Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxation (possibly some swimming?) with my family after a busy week.

What we’re enjoying…


We bought a huge flat of our nectarines, which are everyone’s favorite. They are so delicious this time of year! Notice the grubby baby hand attempting thievery.

What I’ve learned…


I made two cakes this week with THE BEST chocolate and buttercream frosting from Add A Pinch, who also taught me how to make my vanilla buttercream extra white: You cream the butter by itself for several minutes, and then you add the sugar in half-cup increments, beating the mixture on high for 10 seconds after each half cup is incorporated. Life. Changing.

What we accomplished…


My daughter and I completed our second #LittleFreeLibrary mission this week at another little kiosk not too far from our home. We added two of my writing sisters’ books and found a Sofia the First book for my kid.

What I’m working on…


Still in the editing cave for the unforeseeable future. Thankfully I have a lot more time than I originally thought I would!

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source: AddaPinch.com

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Whew! I think that covers everything. What’s your favorite thing you’ve discovered lately?

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