{friday mixing bowl} I’ve got the power


This is going to be short and late because we JUST got power back! I know, in the grand scheme of everything that’s happened across the globe, this is so minor and a first world problem, but after a massive storm knocked out our power for two days, I am so happy to have it back! Here’s what (else) I’m loving this week:

That noodle bowls are a thing right now. I have this slow cooker lo mein from Damn Delicious pinned to make next week and trust Chungyah as the ultimate source in all things noodly. But seriously. Google noodle bowls, and see that the food bloggers have done amazing things with them!


Pokemon Go. Have you heard of this phenomenon? Look for the nerds walking around looking extra intently at their phones. Just kidding. Kind of. My four-year-old daughter and I downloaded the app and caught three before we decided it wasn’t our cup of tea. But I had to include it here because it has made for some excellent internet entertainment when it’s been otherwise bleak.


Mom nights out. My friend Cait took me to this enchanting pizza place in downtown Tulsa. The interior, chicken pesto pizza, and — wait for it — SMORE CALZONE were all magical, not to mention the company. This boss lady is a working mama of three, including twin two-year-old boys. So, yes. Mom nights out are so very necessary!


Okay, have you heard of Yoga with Adriene?  It’s a YouTube channel with full yoga classes. I’ve only taken one, but I feel like I hit the jackpot for when I need to loosen up and get my strengthen and stretching on but can’t make it to the gym for a class. I literally turn my laptop around on my desk, and my office floor becomes my practice space. Let’s be honest for a minute. I used to think yoga was a hippie thing, but nothing has been able to help my lower back and hips quite like yoga. It’s relaxing, too!

Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, I finally pulled the plug on this Instant Pot pressure cooker, which can cook rice, steam veggies, saute, braise, and more. Supposedly, according to multiple trusted friends, it has so many safety features that I will not destroy my kitchen with it, either. It literally just arrived on my doorstep, and I can’t wait to put it to good use!

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Hope you have a fun and recharging weekend 🙂 We are heading to a wedding sans kids tonight, and I can’t wait!

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