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It’s been a minute since I did one of these on the blog, but I do send it out once a month in my newsletter! Here are some of my lately favorites:

The hardcover versions (gorgeous gray and coral) of my favorite CSB She Reads Truth Bible are 50% at Lifeway today! This isn’t sponsored in any way except to tell you I have read my Bible more in the year+ I’ve had mine than ever in my life. I love the format and the aesthetic of it. Dudes, your lady would love this for Mother’s Day!

If I ever win a million dollars, I will give about half of it to Sal Khan and his incredible website. Some of you know I’m taking classes, and nobody helps me understand Lewis structures and stoichiometry like him! If you have kids in school, this website provides videos that break down pretty much any subject from the ground up (and in a way that’s ZERO% condescending). So helpful if you haven’t taken a math class since 1993 🙂 Did I mention it’s FREE?

My committee meetings with Jaime Jo. If you have trouble prioritizing time with your people, put it on the calendar like you would a work thing and call it a committee meeting. I learned this from my sweet friend Pam, and it works like a charm.

Cheap Trader Joe’s flowers + a lit candle make work feel less like work and any space feel 100% more cheerful and cozy.

For ages, I’ve told myself I didn’t do audiobooks because who has time for a 7-hour time commitment? But I just discovered the Hoopla library app, and it changed everything! I’ve been “reading” in the carpool line, doing the dishes, answering emails, and taking walks. This week alone I’ve “read” three books that have been sitting on my shelf for ages — nonfiction read by the author is my jam. The secret is to put it on 1.5x speed, which is a hair slower than Mickey Mouse voice 🙂

Comfort Food Sundays are a new thing in our house. We’ve found it helps us eat cleaner, healthier dinners through the week because we can look forward to all things pasta, cheese, and cream on Sunday nights. (This was the beginnings of chicken and dumplins — no “G” to be found.) There is something about the slow, unhurried act of chopping vegetables and minding a bubbling pot that makes me right with the Lord before a busy week.

What are you loving right now? I’m always on the search for things that make life easy, comforting, and joyful.

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