{friday mixing bowl} fall favorites, part 339829

I will never pretend to have any chill about fall. Even though I’m still wearing soccer shorts and drinking breakfast smoothies here in Oklahoma, it’s OU/Texas weekend, I put a new fall-ish doormat out, and the pumpkin patch is open for the season! At least the smell of fireplace on my 85-degree walk through the neighborhood makes me feel like I’m not the only delusional one 🙂 Here are my favorite things lately:

* Fall flowers and baby pumpkins from Trader Joe’s, pretty much the extent of my decorating skills, only $7 total, and conveniently located right in the middle of my morning routine!

Credit: APLetters.com

* This gorgeous and artful fall bucket list from AP Letters. You’d better believe I will check off every box. 

* Currently reading: All Made Up by Kara Isaac. Don’t miss this stunning reunion romance, my new favorite book from one of my favorite authors/friends/people to share room service creme brulee with.

* If you’re a woman and have any creative inclination in your body, I’m STILL thinking about the Collaboration episode on The Next Right Thing podcast. I even copied her Wholehearted Creative checklist from the transcript and printed it off to keep by my desk. Short, sweet, and full of powerful truth!

Credit: @ChalkFullofLove on Instagram

* #1 on my wishlist: this Stars Hollow Fall Festival T-shirt from Chalk Full of Love. 

* Several mugs per day of The Republic of Tea’s Hot Apple Cider herbal tea. Get in my belly. 

* Current nonfiction read: One of my favorite podcaster/speaker/ writer/storytellers, Annie F. Downs, just released her latest book, Remember GodI just finished listening to it, and wow. I cannot adequately express how much this book meant to me. She talks about hope, disappointment, seasons of wilderness, the nature of God, and ends with this prayer that left me a changed (crying) woman: “I would do it ALL again for who I’ve found You to be.”

Credit: DamnDelicious.net

* It’s not fall without soup, and your tomato soup needs these Grilled Cheese Roll-ups for scrumptious dunking. 

I told you. It was a lot 🙂 What are you enjoying so far this season?

PS: If you’re not ready to move forward with football and fireplaces, you can get a little dose of summer romance in my new novella, That’s When I Knew. Available on Amazon for 99 cents through the 15th <3 

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  • I have accepted October is here and am moving along with fall accordingly. I’m sipping cinnamon rooibos, have two vases of purple asters and white mums in the house, and broke down and turned on the heater this week (it’s 48* and holding today). But you better believe I’m looking forward to 90s in Florida for my conference next week.

  • Cooler weather though on October 14th we had snow, too early for that. And since I live in Lincoln Nebraska and the college football is based here UNL huskers hearing the people cheer when they finally make a touch down.