first five minute friday: remember

Even though it’s technically Saturday–and Saturday evening, at that–today I’m finally joining the world of Five Minute Friday, the community created by Lisa-Jo Baker.

Five Minute Friday
Anyway, the idea is to write for five minutes on the prompt of her choice, which she posts every Friday, and what will result is raw, unedited bits of heart on a page. You can read more about it here, and do join in!

Here goes nothing!


Hundreds of words pour through my fingertips: press releases, lines from a novel, nothing but me and my words. Everything outside is dimmed but these words.

I turn on a playlist of background music, songs I’ve heard a thousand times to cushion the serious and sometimes sharp things that are bouncing around in my brain.

And then, all of the sudden, the lyrics hit me. Though I’ve heard them a thousand times, this time, they’ve decided to strike a chord in my heart. And all at once, the exterior I’ve built of busyness and chaos and stress and things that need to be done crumbles.

My eyes focus on something, anything, and I process the lyrics, sometimes listening to them over and over again. It’s then that I remember who I am. It’s then I remember Whose I am. And then I’m sustained. Nothing else matters. Not really.


Just to give my post a little background, there are songs that do this to me. It happens on a semi-regular basis, and I’m so grateful. Nothing connects me to the heart of God better than words–His words in the Bible, words He whispers through my friends and family members, words He’s put in the hearts of anointed songwriters, sometimes even the words He sends through my own pen.

Tonight it happened again.

I was writing at my favorite coffee shop, listening to the new-ish Hillsong album, Zion, which I love and have listened to a hundred times since it came out a month ago. Then, all of the sudden, Jad Gillies’ voice caught my attention and I stopped my writing spree to really listen to the lyrics and look them up. It is pretty wonderful when God speaks to me like this. Have a listen.

Your love amazing // fills my heart and I sing out
there is none like You // there is nothing like Your love

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  • I love this, Laurie. I can relate so much to the way music seems to strike a chord in your heart and help you remember Who you belong to and who you are in Him. Your writing is beautiful. So glad you joined in for FMF this week!

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy to be part of the community 🙂