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I totally stole this idea from the lovely Teresa, who I think is brilliant! It’s about going beyond the typical bio line and digging a little deeper with the end goal of giving this space the capacity for more meaningful connection. Here goes!

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  • I think collaborate is the most beautiful word in the English language, both audibly and in practice. 
  • There’s a 9-year age gap between my husband and me, which is a lot easier at age 30 than age 22 🙂
  • Worship music keeps me centered, especially when I have no words for God. This is a thing sometimes.
  • I’m a recovering know-it-all and still have a hard time not knowing things.
  • Though I only have two brothers by blood, God has sent me the best sisters ever!
  • Before kids, I was a half marathoner and have a hard time remembering that girl is still in there somewhere.
  • Where do I sign a petition to keep cursive writing taught in our schools? I’d become an activist for that even though my handwriting is a hybrid of each!
  • Confession: I’m becoming increasingly attached to the YA genre as I age (books and TV/movies). Like, stories I should be embarrassed to read but totally have no shame. What is that about?
  • ENFJ all the way!
  • Many friends in my real world only know my son as Cub.
  • I like 30 way, way better than 20.
  • Crossword puzzles are my jam.
  • I have this dream of a huge farm table in my backyard with lots of dreamy twinkle lights. It’s filled with a mess of family and friends and pasta bowls. That’s my happy place!
  • My brain is a mess of styles: MLA for college courses, APA for my job in college, AP for my big-girl job, and Chicago for novel writing. But one thing will always be finite truth: LONG LIVE THE OXFORD COMMA!
  • I don’t consider myself crafty or artistically inclined at all, but I’ve wanted to take up lettering as a hobby for a while, so I’m doing it! 
  • My husband and I cheer for rival college sports teams. GO LONGHORNS!
  • I’m a podcast junkie. Can’t stop, won’t stop!
  • My only TV “claim to fame” was the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay. This foodie was on cloud 9 to visit the Pioneer Woman’s ranch for the first time, meet Bobby Flay (he totally touched my shoulder), Trisha Yearwood, and get to know Ree as the lovely, talented woman who is exactly the way she is on TV and her blog. that's me!
  • Despite my love for all things color-coded and listy, I am naturally a procrastinator for some things but can’t teach myself to be any other way. (Any tips?)
  • If I murdered to protect someone I love, my last meal would include Antoinette Bakery’s Mile High Chocolate Pie and Yokozuna’s chicken ramen, both in Tulsa. At least that’s what it would be today.
  • My best balance involves regularly running, reading, and creating.
  • In my perfect world, everyone would fight to make space for those things that make them feel alive and learn to fit them in around the adulty stuff.

Now that you know a little about me, tell me about YOU! Steal this idea for your website or tell me something I don’t know in the comments!

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  • I love this!

    I’m totally making you a YA convert. hehe. I’m not sure if cursive writing is taught in schools here or not, but E LOVES cursive writing so we’re (she’s) learning it. Your husband is an OU fan? 🙂


    • I will teach AG on my own either way, too! Yes, Jef used to live in the OU football stadium, so he’s kind of a hardcore fan lol

  • Oh, I loved reading these! Just one problem….it all makes me want to be your real-life friend SO MUCH MORE. I mean, you’ve MET Ree???????

  • I love so many things about this! And I’m with Teresa, I’m pretty sure we’d be great real-life friends. LOL! Some thoughts:
    – I love the recovering know-it-all. I’m totally going to use that line. (I have the same problem with ‘not knowing.’)
    – I’m totally a list-and-still-procrastinate person too. I think it’s because I do better under pressure.
    – And because you know I have to say it…. WRECK ‘EM TECH! 😉

    (Who does your husband cheer for?)

    Okay, I’m out of comments–but definitely stealing this idea from you (or Teresa!?) for my blog too.