a convergence of perfect conditions


Greetings from the past! I’m writing this post on Thursday night, at the tail end of the convergence of several perfect conditions.

First, this couldn’t have happened without a husband who supports my introversion and writing enough to suggest eating dinner out to remove two things from my to-do list, then takes over bedtime duty and sends me off to my happy place for the night.

photo 2

I’m thankful for my happy place period. My favorite coffee shop is currently empty of loud college kids who are on spring break. The chai is delicious. The music is spot-on. Everyone here is contributing to a quiet, creative energy. 

photo 3

For every new book project, I like to find the perfect writing and editing music that helps me get into a really good groove. I know I’m late to the game, but I just discovered City and Colour. There is a brand new playlist on my Spotify app waiting for continuous play. Just in time. Here’s to knocking these book two edits out of the park with its help!


Grateful for writing sisters like my SisterChucks (Anne, Halee, and Jaime). Jaime and I stayed up past our bedtimes, keeping each other company across many, many states with giggles, snippets of what we were working on, and arguing over which of each other’s scenes were more swoon-worthy. Just read the synopsis for her latest project. Divine!

I’m savoring the last half-hour before closing time, so euphoric that this post has essentially become an Oscars-style speech. An acceptance of something beautiful.

So thankful to God for little glimpses and convergences to breathe energy into us and restore our souls, something that’s especially essential for anyone who creates things.

What’s your happy place? Where do you create and exist the best?

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