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Friday Mixing Bowl (1)

Happy June! How was your week? Mine included a girls’ night, seeing old friends, and getting some good work done! Did you know it’s National Doughnut Day? After I post this, I’m going to pack up my kids and do something about it 🙂 Here’s what we’ve been up to:


I’m trying my hand at a novella, the first I’ve ever written. For friends who aren’t of the writerly persuasion, this will be about 25K words compared to the full-length 80-90K I usually write. I know it’s way different than novel writing, so I’m researching the typical structure so I can pace my story properly. Can’t wait to tell you more about it later!


This week, some friends and I had a craft night. Just as important as the dreamcatchers we made were the conversation, raincoast crisp crackers with cranberry goat cheese, and orange-double chocolate cookies. If you haven’t had a night out with friends in a while, make it happen soon! Not crafty? Me neither. Buy a couple packs of colored pencils and a coloring book and ask everyone to bring a snack or dessert and coloring book. It’s more relaxing than you’d think, and the conversation flows when people have something to do with their hands 🙂


This lovely came in the mail from the even lovelier Jessica R. Patch. So excited to read it and let you know what I think. If it’s anything like her first romantic suspense, Fatal Reunion, I have a feeling we’ll all love it!

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  • I shared my goals for June on the blog this week, from this pantser’s plotting ambitions to my goal to get my exercise on once a day.
  • This week also marked the first in my Table Talk series with advice from my late college mentor, The Grammar Hammer. <3
  • On Tuesday, I’ll be talking about how “case studies” can help writers on The Writer’s Alley, the first time I have posted in what feels like ages!
  • If you want to know the totally weird and random job I would love in an alternate universe, be on the lookout for my interview on Robin Elizabeth Mason’s website next week!

Thanks to my little hiatus, I’m all caught up on podcasts and blogs. What should I check out next? Do you have anything planned this weekend?

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