two epiphanies

originally posted on The Writer’s Alley (4/25/2019)

During Holy Week, I had two epiphanies. First, have you ever noticed that so many of the verbs associated with the Lord begin with “RE“?

For example, He:

  • Resurrects the dead
  • Restores the broken
  • Redeems our debts and failures
  • Revives souls
  • Returns lost things
  • Refills what’s empty
  • Receives the least of these
  • Renames the disenfranchised
  • Renews the weary

And so. much. more. Don’t you think this common denominator only shows that our Father loves second chances? 
I’ve been listening to the newest album from the UpperRoom worship team on repeat. In their song “Healer,” the bridge repeats these lyrics:

“You restore my heart over and over again.”

As a writer, I’m always thinking of things in terms of recurring themes, common denominators, underlying significance, and meaning. My second epiphany was that second (and third and fourth) chances are what I love the most in fiction, whether it’s characters rediscovering their worth after being stuck in lies for so long or romances in which people find their way back to each other at the end of the most unlikely roads. 

I think there’s nothing our Father loves more than a second chance and people willing to drop their shame, fear, and failure to take it–to take HIM–and make the most of a new beginning. 

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