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When I finished my manuscript’s first draft a few months ago, the first order of celebration was to buy my name as a domain. Fortunately, I’m the first Laurie Tomlinson in this whole wide world to have such an inclination. As an avid book industry nerd and PR professional, I knew that if I was going to build my platform as an author (am I even allowed to call myself that yet?), this was the first logical step.

Then I asked my friend Josh to build a website for me, which I think looks pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. I compiled a website “prospectus” and started a list of article ideas.

But the website collected dust for months.

I stared at the cursor like the surface of the swimming pool from the edge of the high dive, waiting to make the big leap. I’m not sure what took me so long to write this first post, but I’m here now, and that’s what matters.

First of all, this website isn’t meant to replace The Corner Slice blog. There, I’ll still be writing (hopefully more regularly) about motherhood, intentional living, recipes, and daily adventures.

So, what are we doing here?

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re 1) my husband, 2) my mother, or 3) a friend from Facebook or Twitter. But if not, you can find out more about me by clicking here.

On this website, I plan to be writing about:

  • The writing process: my experience with writing and hopefully getting published
  • The book industry: publishing news, publicity tips, industry trends
  • Real-life character profiles: stories about people I know, love, and respect
  • Book reviews

I can tell you I’m no expert, there will be lots of trial and error involved, and my content and direction will change probably dramatically as I grow. But it’s time to stop second-guessing and overanalyzing and trying to figure things out.

It’s time to start writing. And from the girl who could revise and revise forever, it’s especially time to hit publish.

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