a quiz: what does one do after pressing send?

Yesterday I pressed send on a project I’ve been working on for a little while. So, what glamorous thing does an aspiring author do to commemorate such an occasion?

a) Steal a celebratory burger date with your spouse before he/she leaves on a business trip

b) Eat fundraiser chocolate

c) Scrub some dishes that have been waiting in your sink too long because of said project

d) Change a diaper

e) Wonder what to do with your life once the kids are in bed and you’d usually be working on it

f) Give yourself one night and then get back to work because you love it too much to stay away

g) All of the above, internally partying like the boss that you are for pressing send


The correct answer is G. This little slice of the web is all about celebration — the big things and little things.

I love the juxtaposition of pressing send or getting the call or writing the end in the middle of messy, glorious real life. It’s pretty much my favorite.

What are you celebrating right now? What’s the most glamorous thing you’ve done after a major writing milestone?

Party on, my friends!


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