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It’s Friday again, loves! Time to take this party up a notch because…

– I’m currently –



…PRESSING SEND! See all those lovely crossed off revision items on my plotting board? That’s the most important thing you need to know about this week. I finished my revise + resubmit project and send it off — and immediately got some work projects to keep me busy in the meantime. So now, we wait. But in the meantime, I’m…

(still) reading…

IMG_3946Nicole Deese’s Season to Love. I picked it up after I pressed send, and it’s glorious. Couldn’t put it down. I rate it three miles on the treadmill scale, i.e. so good I can’t stop reading and forget that I’m actually running until I realize my legs are about to fall off and it’s time for a change of reading scenery. If you love a good snowy contemporary romance, this one will keep you warm for sure. Love the message of healing through tragedy and giving up control of your life.

still loving…


…my bullet journal. I added a time tracker to the top of each date so I can plan when I’m going to do what. So far, even though I’m still tweaking things, it’s working swimmingly. My other planner is collecting dust, in fact. (BTW: that’s a client’s Genesis entry I’m editing. No plans to enter right now!)


We haven’t watched American Idol in years. David Cook was the last winner we saw, I think. But since it’s the farewell season and they probably have some cool tricks up their sleeves, we’ve been keeping up with it. Who are your favorites? We like Sonika and Olivia Rox!

getting ready for…

…SUPER TUESDAY! If your state is in green, I hope you’ll read up on the candidates and vote on Tuesday. It’s so important even if, like me, your candidate likely won’t win in your state. Not trying to start a debate at all {and I will cut you if you do 🙂 }, but I will be voting for Ben Carson because I love that he’s incredibly smart, has practical solutions to problems I agree with, and most importantly, isn’t a politician, so he hasn’t been corrupted by the game. He knows how to surround himself with the smartest people to get the job done and can empathize with more Americans and their best interests than the other candidates. Yes, he is clearly an introvert, but I don’t think that would be a problem if he selected a charismatic VP. I can’t sit by and let my country’s presidential election become little more than a reality show without knowing I did my small part. And that’s about as political as I get 🙂

super proud of…


…this Cubby Bear! I don’t post pictures of my kids often here, but when I do, it’s because they are doing something super sweet. Books are about the only thing that will get this one to stay still. I hope that means he’s going to love reading as much as his mama. Can you believe this little cub is going to be 1 next month??

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– in case you missed it –

  • This week, I talked about the *glamour* of pressing send. And by glamour, I mean the mix of real-life and celebration that continued.
  • I also shared my Workspace Wednesday and the 3908398 things that were going on when said picture was taken. More real life, just the way we like it 🙂
  • On Tuesday, I’ll be hosting author and writing sister Jaime Jo Wright on The Writer’s Alley! Stop by and get to know more about her!


That’s all, folks! What was one thing you loved this week? What are you up to this weekend?

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