how to help an author friend

For those who have been asking how to help spread the word about With No Reservations: First of all, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!  There are lots of ways, and every bit helps tremendously!


  • Order the book through your local bookstore.
  • Request it through your library system.
  • Gift the book to friends or family members who would like it.
  • Suggest it to a book club. (Ask how I can meet with you virtually or in person locally!)
  • If you’re local to Tulsa, you’re invited to my come-and-go book launch + signing party on Saturday, May 13 at the home of Mike and Nellie Martin (message me for the address)! If you’d like to get your book signed, we will also have copies available for purchase.

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Review tips:

Amazon has cracked down on reviews and will delete them if they suspect a reader is biased or being required to review. And you are totally not required to review if you don’t like the story. To avoid getting reviews deleted, it’s best to:
  • Use the author’s full name, call him/her “the author,” or only by last name when referring to him/her in the review
  • If you received a complimentary copy, add a disclosure line saying you received the book from the author/publisher and this is your honest review. Their algorithms no longer like the phrase “in exchange for”
Thank you for all you do to spread the word about my books. Authors truly get by with a little help from their friends. I wish I could share cupcakes with all of you!