{friday mixing bowl} until boots and sweaters are my world


I wasn’t going to do a Friday Mixing Bowl post until next week, but there was so much goodness to share today! It’s birthday week for my little lady, so we are soaking up every minute celebrating. Here’s what else we’ve been up to:



Fall arrives in my world when I say it arrives, okay? 🙂 I’ve been burning my favorite fall scent and making lots of soups with the hope that the temperature will soon get the memo. As Jen Hatmaker said this week: September, you need to get right with God.


My Huckleberry and I cleaned up nicely for a belated birthday date to this bohemian pizzeria downtown. It was enchanting and divine and delicious! Also–mushy alert–after 8.5 years of marriage, this guy still made my knees weak when I saw him walking toward me in the parking lot at the gym yesterday. All the heart eyes for my Huckleberry!


The home stretch is in sight on this round of rewrites, thanks to real coffee. Yes, you read that correctly. Real coffee. Voluntarily. Even if only once.


May I introduce you to the most perfect shirt for me in the history of the world? Okay, maybe tied with something that has Chewbacca’s face on it. I am a sucker for 90s R&B — sucker! — and though love is more than just all the feels, those songs, y’all. *Swoon*


My hip flexors are lifting up the praise hands because our gym added a Holy Yoga class just when they need it in the very middle of the week! While I’ve always loved yoga for the physical benefits and the mental benefits always taken in the context of my Christian beliefs, these classes actually draw from specific scriptures and biblical truths woven throughout the stretching and bending and balancing. If you need me on Wednesdays at noon, you know where I’ll be.


Speaking of yoga, my brilliant friend Katie is developing an amazing resource. If you have a creative bone in your body, please take her quick, two-minute survey to help make her project as awesome as it can be. If you’ve never done yoga, I promise you don’t know what you’re missing and your body and renewed relaxation will thank you!


In the spirit of fall, here is the shade I’ve deemed my signature fall nail color — Essie’s Angora Cardi. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and I absolutely adore it!


I feel like the worst list-lover in the world because I hadn’t heard of Google Keep. Someone in my writing group told me about it this week, and I immediately downloaded it. So far, it sounds like a simpler version of Evernote, which is a little too much for me, yet with more functionality than the generic iPhone Notes app that currently hoards all of my mind’s various info dumps. I’ll report my progress when I’ve had the chance to explore it more, but I feel like it’s going to be a game-changer for those 2am bursts of inspiration.

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source: Giphy
source: Giphy
  • Swooning over everything in this list from Bookstr: “Fall Reading is Wonderful
  • I made this mixed berry crumble from Taste’s Lovely for community group this week, and it was tres delish! Benefits: 1) uses frozen berries, so no need to defrost and 2) likely doesn’t require a trip to the grocery store and 3) delicious!
  • What if brave is really dancing the two-step with doubt? “You’re Braver Than You Know” by Holley Gerth for (in)courage was one of my favorite reads this week!
  • There was a Friday Night Lights reunion and the president of Team Riggins was not invited. It’s fine. Totally freaked out anyway. I still have clear eyes, full heart, and can’t lose 🙂

Even if boots and sweaters and hot cocoa may not be in your forecast this weekend if you live anywhere near me, I hope you capture some coziness this weekend!

What have you been up to this week? Have you discovered anything brilliant lately?

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  • SO cannot wait to hear more about the yoga for creatives. <3 Love you, my friend. And I love these posts of yours.

    • Me too! I am dreaming of a yoga class with my writer friends at conference LOL! Thanks for being you, MG <3