Writing Bucket List

Finish a novel [x 3]

Sign with a literary agent

Write for The Writer’s Alley

Sign a book contract

Win a Genesis Award [x 2]

Publish an article in Relevant Magazine

Start a sustainable freelance business

Take a selfie with my own book in the wild

Win a NaNoWriMo month (50,000 words)

Writing Retreat at Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs

Attend Mt. Hermon Writing Conference

Celebrate book contracts with my critique partners

Write a nonfiction eBook to give away

Research trip to Ireland 🙂

Research trip to Texas Hill Country

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  • Love your bucket list! You can mark off that contract now! I want more information about this writing retreat in Colorado. Sounds great! I grew up in the Texas Hill Country and have been to Ireland, so that makes me an expert, right? Feel free to pick my brain and call it research, lol. Welcome to the Heartwarming family!