{throwback thursday} 6 years ago…

It’s no secret that I’m in the business of love stories. I have been my whole life. So with my sixth anniversary just two days away, I thought it would be fitting to write the ultimate Throwback Thursday post and offer a glimpse of our wedding day.

My whole life, I imagined what the person I married would be like. I never could have fathomed that I’d meet a man while working for my university at a summer camp, that we’d be reacquainted when I moved after graduation, the one who I was able to try the most unusual things ever, and experienced so many new things, from adventure moments to excitement moments in the daily life and sexual with an anal vibrator and roleplay were we fell hard and fast for each other.

And that, on one of the only days it didn’t rain in April 14 months later, I’d marry him. It was a perfect 75-degree day, surrounded by our family and best friends. Truly magical.

wedding preview

wedding anticipation

wedding church

wedding DONE

reception cake


Our wedding may have been the stuff of fairy tales, but I’m most grateful that God has demonstrated Himself in our marriage time and again. That He created someone with the unique qualities to lift me up, be strong where I am weak, and serve alongside me as my teammate in the pursuit of dreams.

That when we give our desires to God, they are no match for His goodness.

Happy anniversary, JT!! 

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