#friday5 {gratefulness on a monday}

friday5(Better late than never, right?) 

This week, I’m thankful:

1) That God provides when two things on the house and two things on the car break in the same week. That even in the midst of wrecked houses, cancelled out-of-town visitors, dragging afternoons at the mechanic, and phone calls that require lots of bravery, God is still unchanging. And His love never, ever fails.

2) For this rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” by the Gaither Vocal Band. I know it’s not cool or “emergent” to admit this, but I had so much fun returning to my contemporary Christian music roots with this song and the subsequent YouTube searches that resulted 🙂 No matter what your preferences, it’s undeniable that this is the way our national anthem should be done!

3) That I’ve gotten reacquainted with road running during my self-imposed Crossfit hiatus. (I got sloppy, and my shoulder is telling me to take some time off or else things are going to get ugly.) Even though it’s scorching hot outside, I’m remembering how good the pavement is for my body and soul, a feeling I haven’t had since before Allie was born!

4) For my favorite discovery this week: #1K1HR. It’s a writing sprint that challenges you to unplug all distractions, maximize your word processor, and simply write for an hour, aiming for 1000 words. It seems like there’s always someone starting on Twitter, and it’s fun to have the company. I’ve been trying to do it once a day during naptime, and it’s helped me ramp up my word counts tremendously. More on this later!

5) For one year at CityChurch. I don’t think I’ve ever grown more in a single year than this one.

I started this post on Friday, trying to keep my attitude in check as the hours stretched on at the mechanic.

As you begin a new week, what are you grateful for?

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