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Hello, loves! Happy Friday! It was a full and busy week around these parts. Full and happy 🙂

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working on…


…a full tank. I had forgotten how much the simple relocation to a coffee shop can work wonders for the work-at-home blahs. My husband took over bedtime duty this week so I could escape, fluffy hair and all, to my favorite coffee shop. I was a happy worker bee this week!

giving up…


Facebook for Lent. I deleted it off my phone, set up a block on my browser, and hopefully I can use that time for prayer and more constructive things. Can I tell you how many times I have scrolled all over my phone looking for it almost unconsciously? I seriously didn’t even know what I was looking for. And my browser plug-in tells me that I have tried to click there no less than 30 times already. It’s sad, but true and going to change 🙂



Does my own book count? Because I have read the book I’m revising twice this month! It’s in my critique partner’s hands now. ((Cue all the nail biting and all the hallelujahs.)) Almost ready to press send 🙂

PS: Shameless plug to pre-order said critique partner’s romantic comedy coming in two months! She has seriously ruined me for all other romantic comedy — she’s that good!

geeking out over…

credit: Sarah Harmeyer // Neighbor’s Table

Neighbor’s Table. SERIOUSLY, y’all. Ever since I saw the show Parenthood, I have craved a huge farm table in my backyard with twinkle lights and people I love gathered around it. I was listening to the latest Simple Show podcast from Tsh, who interviewed a girl who started a love mission for that very thing. Her dad builds farm tables with the specific purpose of gathering people — so many different stories and backgrounds and experiences around the table sharing a meal. THIS IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE, you guys. Right here. I am definitely going to see how I can get involved, but I’m so glad I found this!


Whaaaaaat? A new Harry Potter book!? For real? Well, technically it’s a screenplay and 30 pages long, but if it tells me what happens next, I’m all over that!



credit: Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

these chocolate sugar cookies from Pioneer Woman Food & Friends for Valentine’s Day! I love that they are cut-out cookies but you don’t have to roll out any dough. My daughter is going to freak when she finds out what we’re up to later tonight!

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LifeisRosier / Via etsy.com

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  • This week, I shared one of my favorite songs lately with the reminder of how much you’re loved. Powerful lyrics as always from Kim Walker-Smith and Jesus Culture in “Unstoppable Love”!
  • It’s my turn at The Writer’s Alley on Tuesday, and I’m hosting lovely pre-published author Teresa Tysinger!
  • I’m going to be announcing a special on Genesis entries next week, so keep your eyes peeled! (Not literally. That’s gross.)

What filled up your week? Any special plans for Valentine’s Day?

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  • Love it. (1) I can’t wait for Kara’s book either. (2) I will come eat with you at your farm house table in your backyard with all the twinkle lights. We bought lights last year for our back deck, and we’re still trying to figure out how to hang them without all the cords making them an eye sore!! 🙂
    xo —C

  • Perfect start to the weekend of LOVE! So excited for Kara’s book, new Harry Potter book (in that order 😉 ) and LOVE, LOVE, the idea of big farm table in backyard with family and friends gathered around. *sigh

  • This one made me laugh. Especially the itchy Facebook finger. Having the dumb phone while I wait for my replacement smartphone to arrive makes me feel like an addict who can’t find a fix. Sad but true.

    And if someone were to buy me that Harry Potter coffee mug for Christmas or birthday or something, I wouldn’t complain. (Anyone, anyone?) 🙂

    • Oh, and I totally forgot the reason I started the comment in the first place. I had my own farm table yearning while watching an Extra Virgin episode set in Italy. Farm table and pasta? I’m in.

  • Thanks for introducing me to the Neighbor’s Table. I’ve been wanting to do something in my Tulsa neighborhood. We have so many people out at the lake, I’ve kinda given my townie neighbors the short end of our stick!

  • I want the backyard table with twinkling lights for friends night too!!!!