{friday mixing bowl} trucks, glue muffins, and other updates


It’s Friday, friends!! I hope you aren’t like me and thought yesterday was Friday too. Did you have one of those weeks? There’s a cure for that, and it’s called Real Friday! Here’s what’s been going on in this neck of the woods:


You’re hearing this first here, but I am working on a huge rebrand of 1624 Communications with a fresh focus and possibly even some dream collaborations. I can’t wait to unveil it, hopefully around the beginning of the year. But in the meantime….


After some unexpected events at the beginning of the month, my novella truck is finally chugging along! I’m on track to finish just a week later than planned, by the grace of God. At my writing group last night, we talked about how the creators of Marvel and Pixar admitted that, at some point in the production process of all of their amazing blockbuster movies, they were convinced it was the worst movie ever written. And then they turned into those masterpieces. Well, I have faith that, with a lot of love, this novella project can’t get any worse and will get a whole lot better 🙂


After my autoimmune symptoms returned this month after two years without them, I’m a few days into a clean-eating challenge — just me, myself, and I. Cutting back on the processed food and sugar and majorly upping my protein and water intake, complete with meal plan spreadsheet in typical Laurie fashion. It feels fantastic and tastes amazing for the most part, but I did make some yogurt muffins the other day that tasted a little like glue. Don’t make muffins that taste like glue, friends.

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  • This butterbeer fudge definitely isn’t clean, but it embodies everything I love about October. My friend Mary Weber recommends making them to help cope with this election season, and I think they’d be perfect to accompany your month-long Harry Potter viewing fest.
  • In the interest of Selah, my holy yoga teacher created a gorgeous and amazing Lectio Divina guide, with an emphasis on REST. I know yoga gets a bad rap with some, but I love her classes that draw their life and meditation and energy on the Word of God. Can’t wait to dig into this weekly plan!
  • Gilmore Girls fans who are personality nerds will love this assessment of the beloved characters’ enneagram numbers!
  • If you’re a pre-published fiction author looking for a great example on doing marketing well, look no further than my friend Teresa Tysinger. She is releasing her first short story via newsletter soon, so be sure to sign up! I’m super excited to read it! (She’s also our author spotlight on The Writer’s Alley today!)

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May your weekend be filled with cocoa, cuddles, extra crunchy leaves, and muffins that don’t taste like glue! What are you looking forward to right now?

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  • Love this installment of Friday Mixing Bowl, friend. (And not just because of your sweet shout out!) 🙂

  • JillKemerer says:

    I’m sorry you’re having some health issues. I’m with you on yoga–I love it! It really balances me out physically. The fudge you showed makes my mouth water! Yum! Yum!