{#workspacewednesday} what multitasking looks like today

It’s 11:32 on Wednesday morning, and I thought I’d share a glimpse of my workspace, complete with bags of tricolor potatoes in the background. Because this is as crazy as it gets, and I love it.


You may think this seems like a weird place to work, but it’s actually very normal and efficient 🙂 I’m currently working at my kitchen counter because this is what I have going on during my baby’s nap:

  • Finalizing a vocab quiz from Storm Siren for the teen I tutor later today + making a literary devices handout
  • Supervising my daughter’s coloring/handwriting practice (i.e. various trips into the next room to see what she’s up to)
  • Breaking down workload in my bullet journal for a few new editing projects I’m excited about
  • Listening to the new Elise Gets Crafty podcast
  • Brewing a mug of tea
  • Humming “If I Were a Rich Man” because a random instrumental motif in my daughter’s show got it in my head
  • Unloading the dishwasher while I wait for my tea
  • Planning my dinner menu because my sweet friend Paige is coming over tonight!

So that’s what my workspace looks like this morning! I’m going to clean while my podcast goes, writing down any ideas/reminders/groceries I need as I remember, and then pack up the kids and embark on our next adventures of the day. (That’s code for making errands as fun as possible for all parties involved.) This is real life, and even though it isn’t easy all the time, I like it!

What are you up to today? What does your workspace look like?

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