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By the time you read this, I will most likely be somewhere in the middle of Flat Plains Highway and Tumbleweed Lane. We’ve been in Colorado for the past week and are about to trade in 70-degree temps for the 100s and say goodbye to views like this:

photo 2-1
Without further ado, here are five favorites of this week:

1) The good thing about vacation is that I got to read a lot. Okay, maybe just a little more than usual. My favorite article I read this week was one my friend Katie shared on Twitter: How to talk to your daughter about her body by Sarah Koppelkam at Hope Ave. She hits the ball out of the park on this. Beautifully crafted, well-written. It resonated with me because the last thing I want is for this joyful, brilliant girl to inherit any self image issues.


2) On a related note, I saw this in place of the mirror at a Crested Butte ice cream parlour. 
photo 5I posted it on Instagram and will tell you the same thing: Don’t. Ever. Forget. It.

3) My friend Kathleen released her latest book, Millie’s Treasure, on August 1! I read the “prequel” to this novel and adored it, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. If you like historical romantic suspense with a “dash of steampunk,” be sure to check this series out.

4) I found this book in the NavPress bookstore in Colorado Springs and snapped it up right away. It’s the first nonfiction book I can remember purchasing in years, as sad as that is. Oh, Stasi Eldredge. She’s done it again. You might know her from a little book called Captivating. Let’s just say, in the first chapter of this book, I underlined more than I left clean and got choked up in a few parts. I will probably be posting more about the spiritual message of this book at a later time.

5) Last, but certainly not least. This video. “God Made a Dog.” Maybe it’s because I miss my Yellow Puppy a whole lot, but I loved this so much! Anyone who’s ever had a faithful canine companion will love this video.

Any fun favorites you stumbled upon this week?

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