{friday mixing bowl} spa caves + a little bit of fancy


Happy mid-November, friends! The high is in the 50s here after topping off at 85 yesterday, so I am wishing hot cocoa and campfire coziness on all the land! I’m back in the editing cave, finishing final edits on my May release…


But not before escaping to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for a glorious few days with my husband! It was our first beach vacation with no kids since 2009 — nothing but reading a few feet from the ocean all day, exploring the city with ice cream cones at night, and finishing my novella at this amazing #beddesk on our balcony with the ocean waves as a soundtrack.


This spa cave may or may not have been involved too. I seriously stayed in there for a few hours because I didn’t want it to end and knew moving there forever wasn’t a viable option. But you know what? This is how I’m going to envision my proverbial editing cave. So if you need me, this is where I’ll be!


It’s a good thing we had a few days to get that ocean chill in our bones, because real life hit hard with deadlines and stomach bugs and Daylight Savings sleep regressions when we came home. Things are finally back to normal … we hope. At least the natives are cute.


And some of our neighborhood trees are changing colors. Better late than never!

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source: Taste and Tell Blog
source: Taste and Tell Blog

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Back to the editing cave I go with 7 days until deadline! What are you working on, and more importantly, how are you relaxing this week?

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