{friday mixing bowl} great british baking, #teamlogan, and more!


My goal for the near future is to make a more appropriate mixing bowl meme, but I’m knee-deep in edits right now (hoping to hit send this week!!!) so in the meantime, random is what you’re going to get! Gotta stay true to the theme and all.

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I’m a huge fan of foodie reality shows, but the British know how to do it right! They are so much more chill so the focus is more on the food instead of pitting contestants against each other. I like it!



Love me some Nicole Deese <3 Her latest, A Season to Love, just released this week, and I’m so excited to dig in. She is a brilliant storyteller! You can enter to win a signed copy + $50 Amazon gift card and other goodies on her website if you don’t believe me 🙂

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I’m in full-on editing mode, so I’ve been listening to a combination of my editing playlist, a relaxing mix of City and Colour + Sleeping at Last, and this book’s playlist on Spotify. This Sleeping at Last song is on BOTH of those playlists!



over the fact that one of my favs has signed on to the Gilmore Girls revival! Yes, ladies and gents, I am #TeamLogan all the way. And as I’ve said all along, that’s because LOGAN ALWAYS COMES BACK! Take a cue, Rory’s other boyfriends, because this could make the show super interesting!


The winner of my newsletter giveaway, the lovely Jamie Lapeyrolerie! Yay! Thanks to all the new subscribers. Hopefully I will have fun book news to share sooner than later.

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What are you into this week? Any big plans for the Superbowl?

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  • Ok. Can I just say (I’m sorry US but) the Brits always do stuff better — Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Orphan Black, yada yada yada. . . and don’t get me started on books (Harry Potter anyone?) So I’m right there with you with The Great British Baking Show (and also. I want to know how to bake now. I mean seriously? Have you seen the stuff they bake?! I don’t even know half of the stuff they make!!!)

    Also. I’m team Logan. And I’ve been “Gib slapped” so to speak for it. . . I do like Jess because he ended up being a writer of sorts (right? I’m not making that up?), but um that’s about it. . .haha!

    We should have a watch party when the new GG comes on . . .that would be fun!!

    Ok. I totally just rambled . . .


    • I’m also a big fan of the Canadians! They seem to do those things correctly, as well 🙂

      Yes to Gilmore Girls watch parties! I have very specific reasons why I don’t like Jess, too…