{friday mixing bowl} bullet journaling, texas forever, an unreal chocolate cake, and more


Happy Friday! This week was a weird one during which I got slammed with strep and two sick kids! We are on the mend and looking forward to a very spring-like weekend. In my febrile delirium, there have been quite a few bright spots…

– This week, I’m currently: –

experimenting with…


…bullet journaling. Have you heard of it? It’s pretty amazing. {Here’s the video that explains things, though my version will be a bit different.} learned that I need a weekly spread to keep everything organized, but my usual planner didn’t include a catch-all space this year. I really like the customization of bullet journaling and the fact that you literally have a blank canvas to work with. So if something doesn’t work, you can tweak it for the next week and design it to be exactly what you need! My original plan was to try it for a week, but my week was kind of a wash because I got sick, so I will keep doing it next week and report back with a blog post about it!

geeking out over…

source: BohoBerry.com

…new-to-me blog Boho Berry. This is kind of a continuation of the last point, but she is the queen of bullet journaling. My list-happy, planner-nerd self nearly exploded when my friend sent me her website. SO pretty. SO many amazing and efficient ideas.



I’ve been beta reading something delicious this week, but I sneaked in a little reading at the gym with a smoothie while I waited for my daughter to get out of her workout class. It kind of felt like a vacation 🙂


credit: Milk and Honey Tees on Etsy

This tee and pretty much everything else from Milk and Honey Tees. Does anyone else feel a Friday Night Lights marathon coming on?

listening to…

…this stunning rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” from Chris and Morgane Stapleton.


random, I know. we’ll go with ingredients as a metaphor here.

…brand and content. I could write a whole blog post on this subject, but the gist of it is this: I know all the experts say aspiring authors should stick with relevant articles, books in their genre, and talking about writing, but there’s so. much. I want. to write about here. They say it’s important to cultivate content that appeals to your ideal readership, but I think the typical “formula” doesn’t give readers enough credit 😉 Anyway, I am grateful to have this little piece of the web and am deciding how to incorporate more of what I love without being all over the place.

– link love –

source: HowSweetEats.com
  • I think this cake is my food soulmate. Is that frosting even real-life?
  • Please tell me you saw this video of LeVar Burton’s Problems Only Book Lovers Understand that was circling around Facebook. So amazing!
  • This week, I was introduced to writer and handlettering artist Aliza Latta . Love her art and her writing. She has lots of wise and truth-filled things to say!
  • Karen from A House Full of Sunshine shared 250+ Things to Throw Away just in time for spring cleaning.

– in case you missed it –Your art is legitimate and important whether it's your sole income or free therapy tucked into the best corners of your day.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! What have you been up to this week?

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  • How exciting to see my name in this post twice. 🙂 I’m TRYING to become a calendar girl….I’m SUCH a panster in all things, but am finding the need to get more organized. Free-spiriting my way through intentionality just doesn’t fit. haha Great post….and feel better!

    • Believe it or not, I was NOT a planner until college. But since then, I’ve always had so many plates spinning in the air that it takes away so much stress! Hope you guys are feeling better, too <3

  • Julia Reffner says:

    Love this! I’ve been experimenting with bullet journaling too. My friends at church are getting me into it! Love it! Love that LeVar Burton video. I am a to-do list junkie so these bullet lists are very appealing to me!

  • Love these posts of yours. Except thanks but no thanks for that cake. Ugh. Now I want some! 😉
    (And I for one would be so interested in reading your thoughts on brand and content!)

  • I will TOTALLY marathon Friday Night Lights with you!

  • That cake looks awesome.
    On the brand and content stuff: I don’t get why aspiring authors should only talk about writing and books in their genre? That usually appeals to fellow writers, but not so much to potential readers who just want to enjoy stories (means: people like me).
    I loved and miss your Corner Slice blog, because it was about life and not about business, and I’m glad that you’ve started to incorporate more of that here.