Writers, I have a few slots available this summer if you’re:

  • polishing your manuscript for conference season.
  • preparing to submit to an editor or agent.
  • busy this summer but don’t want months to go by without making progress.
  • beginning your journey as a novelist and would benefit from the feedback of a published author and multi-contest winner.

Options include:

  • Three-chapter + synopsis critique – $99 / This covers a critique + light edit of your first three chapters (up to 12,000 words) and synopsis (1-2 pages). We will analyze strengths and weaknesses with step-by-step suggestions to strengthen not only this project, but future projects.
  • Full one-sheet copy – $50
  • Synopsis – $50
  • Short summary/author bio/elevator pitch – 1 for $15 OR 2 for $25

Strong proposals and promo copy will help set your project apart, get its message across, capture a reader’s attention–and keep it. My goal is to be encouraging and educational, so feedback not only produces the strongest first impression possible but also can be applied to the rest of the manuscript.

If I can help you or someone you know avoid the summer slump and go into conference and contest season strong, please fill out the contact form below: