{Extras} Chelsea Scott

Celeb inspiration: Katherine McNamara

Fast Facts

  • Name: Chelsea Scott
  • Nickname: “Scotty”
  • Hometown: Lake Greencliff, Oklahoma
  • Occupation: Owner of Chelsea Scott Paper Company
  • Hair color: Strawberry blond
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Most comfortable in a baseball cap and yoga pants
  • Has a slight aversion to dresses, clowns, and cats
  • One brother (Brandon) and one sister-in-law (Missy)
  • Parents divorced when she was young because her mother was very involved with her career and her father was very involved with finding a new family
  • Fiercely competitive, especially playing sports
  • What keeps her awake at night: Design ideas, ways to make the company better, worries that the company will go under and she will fail her team, Netflix binges, one-too-many Frappucinos.
  • Trophies: All-State in softball and basketball. Northeastern Oklahoma University Design Scholarship Award. International Stationery Show Newcomer of the Year. Most likely to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Least likely to be a CEO (okay, that’s not a real thing)

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That’s When I Knew: A Novella

Two childhood sweethearts.
One failed summer romance.
Twelve years later.

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