{Extras} Chelsea Scott

Celeb inspiration: Katherine McNamara

Fast Facts

  • Name: Chelsea Scott
  • Nickname: “Scotty”
  • Hometown: Lake Greencliff, Oklahoma
  • Occupation: Owner of Chelsea Scott Paper Company
  • Hair color: Strawberry blond
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Most comfortable in a baseball cap and yoga pants
  • Has a slight aversion to dresses, clowns, and cats
  • One brother (Brandon) and one sister-in-law (Missy)
  • Parents divorced when she was young because her mother was very involved with her career and her father was very involved with finding a new family
  • Fiercely competitive, especially playing sports
  • What keeps her awake at night: Design ideas, ways to make the company better, worries that the company will go under and she will fail her team, Netflix binges, one-too-many Frappucinos.
  • Trophies: All-State in softball and basketball. Northeastern Oklahoma University Design Scholarship Award. International Stationery Show Newcomer of the Year. Most likely to be on the cover of┬áSports Illustrated. Least likely to be a CEO (okay, that’s not a real thing)

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That’s When I Knew: A Novella

Two childhood sweethearts.
One failed summer romance.
Twelve years later.

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