giveaway winner! + the future of this website


First order of business:

We have a winner of Surprised by Motherhood! Would the lovely Kerry Johnson please send your mailing address + any instructions to laurie {at} laurietomlinson {dot} com!

Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation this week. I love hearing each and every mama’s heart and sharing these experiences with my sisterhood. I hope it was enlightening for whatever role that’s shaping your life whether you’re a mama or not. 🙂

Next week, I’ll be finished talking about motherhood here. Probably.

I’ve been keeping up with my monthly goals this year, especially trying to choose joy more often. My goal for April is to blog more frequently because I have a lot to say! Even though I’m a PR girl, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of scheduled blogging. So here are my rules because this is the way I think it should be across the board. But I realize I’m not the boss of you 🙂

1. I’d like Mondays to be geared toward inspirational tidbits/devotionals/whatever’s on my heart, Wednesdays to be writing- and book-related, and Fridays to be a free-for-all that can be Friday Favorites, #Friday5 (things I’m thankful for), or Five-Minute Friday writing prompts.

2. My goal is to post two of these a week, but I will never post if I’m scrounging or don’t feel like I have valuable information.

3. I will never {or at least try not to} apologize for not blogging.

My top priorities are my family, my work, and my writing. But I will work on choosing blogging over, say, binge-watching 2000s CW dramas on Netflix. Deal?

Any big plans this weekend? If you’re going to be binge-watching Netflix, I am the last person who will judge 🙂


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  • It’s like you knew! I’m two episodes behind on the current Hart of Dixie and I haven’t binge watched Vampire Diaries in a couple weeks and I’m *almost* finished with the last season that’s on Netflix.

    • I am also two episodes behind on Hart of Dixie. Kind of sad it’s moved to the Friday night slot. Might mean it’s on its way out! 🙁 But that’s because they’ve kept one of my favorite couples apart too long.

      • Oh boo! I only watched it on Netflix and am watching the current season on CW online so wasn’t aware of what night slot it was on. I saw a hint about the return of Zade, so your inklings may be correct. 🙁